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Innovative shopfitting including planning that exactly meets your requirements: This is what the Golden Sun Society stands for. From planning to implementation, we are at your side as an experienced shopfitter. We use the latest virtual reality technology to discuss your ideas and implement your ideas with commitment, know-how, creativity and experience. In the end, you get a store that not only convinces you and your customers, but inspires them completely. No matter whether in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf or Stuttgart - everything is possible.



Shopfitting is primarily the equipping of business premises, especially retail businesses, with furniture suitable for sales purposes. They are mostly designed, built and assembled by large industrial timber manufacturers and carpenters.

There are also specialized companies that exclusively operate shopfitting, as well as delivering and installing lighting and other accessories, sometimes in combination with exhibition stand construction.

In the specialized companies, the furniture used is manufactured and sold by the shopfitters in their entirety or in components. In the case of shopfitters, a distinction is therefore made between project management companies (complete processors) and product companies (component suppliers). Close cooperation between architects, interior designers, the executing trades (carpenters, drywallers, floor layers, painters and lighting suppliers) as well as the client (shop operator) is important in shopfitting, so that the needs of the future customers (buyer groups) are met during the planning stage can be. The design of the store must be tailored to both the goods and the group of buyers. In stationary retail in particular, shopfitting is one of the most important measures of psychostrategic and psychotactic retail marketing alongside product presentation and product placement.

For this reason, there is usually a specialization by industry among the shopfitters: One plans and manufactures, for example, mainly grocery stores, the other has geared his know-how to clothing stores.

The world's largest trade fair in the industry, at which shopfitters and their suppliers exhibit, is the one in Düsseldorf.


Exhibition stand construction

Interior work


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Welcome Golden Sun Society


The architectural implementation and execution of individual shop fitting objects from the gastronomy, hotel, law firm, doctor's office and office design form the main focus of the activities.

Our goal is the "art of staging" and highlighting the brand message at the PoS, with holistic design concepts as a market-driven solution. This way we achieve more efficiency and success. A tailor-made concept with the know-how and experience of many hundreds of completed projects speak for themselves.

Our principles include the development of individual, customer-oriented complete solutions, the creation of a unique ambience, adherence to costs and deadlines as well as teamwork in the architects' workshop.

We avoid a uniform sign language and instead look for the right strategy and concept for our customers in a form that achieves the unique selling point for the respective customer.

Professional project management ensures that your project will be completed smoothly and on time. Golden Sun Society is your reliable partner for the drafting, design and execution of all services. Construction management, adherence to deadlines, budget compliance, fairness and reliability all contribute to your success.

Golden Sun Society not only means the perfect facility, but also the intelligent and consistent staging of an idea - from planning to on-time completion - holistic in the execution of all areas.

Get in touch with us or meet us in our showroom.

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