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Premier Construction News

Aufgrund der Zusammenarbeit mit Birkenstock haben wir das Glück in dem "Premier Construction" Magazin einen Platz zu haben.

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our part in this.

Golden Sun Society was founded in 2014, with our CEO having worked in shopfitting and exhibition stand construction for over 15 years.  We specialise in shopfitting, interior design and creative solutions and our main goal is to fulfil the customers’ demands whilst keeping within the budget.

Our involvement with the Birkenstock Group Headquarters was to bring the showroom and other parts of the headquarters to life after being designed by Brandherm + Krumrey Interior Architecture. It has been a big honour to work with such a well-known brand’s headquarters. Golden Sun Society matches the brand’s image, especially when it comes to our use of steel, oak and leather.

We have been involved with Birkenstock for quite some time as we have previously worked on other shops and showrooms for them. In the past, we have built shops for Wellensteyn, MCM, Mango and our local concept store Ettics. Currently, we are proud to say we are working on the headquarters of the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

At Golden Sun Society, we have developed a recognisable style in warm, cosy and minimalistic designs. Most importantly, our company works together as a family.

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